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United Herbal is the seller of best quality Oral Health Medicines. We Supply our Products to the almost all of the countries of the world. Its time to look at the advantages of the Herbal Products that really works effciently.

Alarsin G-32 MOUTH PAINT

Alarsin G-32 MOUTH PAINT G32 as Gum & Oral Cavity massage, Dentifrice, Rinse and Gargle Gives relief from symptoms in 2-3 applications Remarkable improvement in 2-3 days. Results supported by clinical trials from all over India show: Stops gum b..

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ALARSIN G-32 TABLET G32 as Gum & Oral Cavity massage, Dentifrice, Rinse and Gargle Gives relief from symptoms in 2-3 applications Remarkable improvement in 2-3 days. Description : Stops gum bleeding, reduces inflammation. Restores no..

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Himalaya Active Fresh Gel

HIMALAYA ACTIVE FRESH GEL FRESHNESS GUARANTEED WHAT IT DOES: Himalaya's Active Fresh toothpaste is packed with refreshing herbal ingredients that ensure long-lasting fresh breath. Menthol is a natural refreshing agent, Indian Dil prevents mouth odor..

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Himalaya Complete Care toothpaste

HIMALAYA COMPLETE ORAL CARE WITH ANTIOXIDANTS TOOTHPASTE WHAT IT DOES: Himalaya's Complete Care toothpaste, with its rare selection of herbal ingredients, has been specially developed to make teeth and gums strong. Toothache Tree, found in the valley..

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Himalaya Dental Cream

COMPLETE GUM PROTECTION What it does: Dental Cream is a refreshing herbal toothpaste for overall dental care. It is enriched with Nimba (Neem) that fights germs and bad breath, Meswak (Toothbrush Tree) which prevents gum bleeding, Dadima (Pomegrana..

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Himalaya Sensitive Toothpaste

RELIEF FROM SENSITIVE TEETH WITH HERBS WHAT IT DOES: Himalaya's Sensitive toothpaste is a herbal formulation that gives you rapid and lasting relief from tooth sensitivity. It contains Spinach, which blocks exposed dentinal tubules that are sources o..

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Himalaya Sparkling White Toothpaste

HIMALAYA SPARKLING WHITE TOOTHPASTE WHITER TEETH IN TWO WEEKS WITHOUT CHEMICAL BLEACH WHAT IT DOES: Himalaya's Sparkling White toothpaste is a breakthrough herbal formulation based on plant enzyme technology that gently removes surface stains on you..

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HiOra-K Mouthwash

HIORA-K MOUTHWASH FOR SENSITIVE TEETH AND HALITOSIS Action: Desensitizing: HiOra-K Mouthwash contains natural potassium that reduces tooth sensitivity from varied etiologies. It also restores the mineral composition of teeth, strengthening them as ..

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HiOra-SG Gel

HIORA-SG GEL THE HEALING STOMA GEL Action: Heals mouth ulcers: The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, wound-healing and analgesic properties of HiOra SG Gel help to heal mouth ulcers quickly. The gel also modulates the body’s immune r..

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Tanvi Dhavaldanti Powder

DHAVALDANTI POWDER Medicine on dental complaints. (For external use only) (Brush with 1 pinch Dhawaldanti Twice a day) Ayurveda says that dont brush early morning with any sweet ingredients, it increases cough infections in body. Instead of that use..

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Vicco Vajradanti Powder

Vicco Vajradanti Powder Description : This is nature's perfect dental care programme. The pure extracts of 20 herbs and barks, tested over generations, have been blended into a potent combination that not only cleans teeth, but also protects and st..

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Vicco Vajradanti Paste

VICCO VAJRADANTI TOOTH PASTE Vicco Vajradanti offers this unique formula in a dental care paste that has natural astringent, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. These ingredients also stimulate and reinforce gums, while resisting plaque formation. ..

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