United Herbal is the seller of best quality Menopause Medicines. We Supply our Products to the almost all of the countries of the world. Its time to look at the advantages of the Herbal Products that really works effciently.

Asthiposhak Tablet

Description 'Asthiposhak’ the name itself reveals nourishment of Asthi dhatu. Kukkutandatvak bhasma is a predigested form of Natural Calcium & other contents like Asthisamhruta, etc. help convert this calcium into Asthi (Bony tissues). Asthiposha..

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Charak Evanova Capsule

EVANOVA CAPSULE SAFE ALTERNATIVE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS INDICATIONS Management of Perimenopausal (Menopausal transition)to Postmenopausal signs and symptoms DOSAGE 1) In Perimenopause (Menopausal transition): 1 capsule twice ..

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Charak Femiplex Tablet

FEMIPLEX TABLET ORAL TREATMENT FOR RECURRENT VAGINITIS INDICATIONS 1) Excessive vaginal discharge due to fungal / bacterial / protozoal infection 2) Abnormal / excessive vaginal discharge associated with pregnancy 3) Recurrent vaginitis ..

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Charak Vigoroll Jelly

Vigoroll Jelly An invigorative, rejuvenator and revitalizer. INDICATIONS 1) General debility 2) Convalescence 3) Lowered immunity 4) Fatigue, Lack of concentration DOSAGE 15 gms twice a day BENEFITS 1) Vigoroll jelly contains those ingr..

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Charak Vivadona Capsule

Vivadona Capsule Rekindles the fire INDICATIONS 1. Loss of libido in women due to Anxiety in newly married Sexual trauma Post- partum depression 2. As a co-prescription in infertiltiy counseling 3. Loss of libido in menopausal women DOSA..

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